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HTML website is an economic alternative to consider while building a website from the scratch which can be expensive option for smaller businesses to afford. Webster is one of the responsive and multipurpose HTML5 templates that comes jam-packed with 50+ homepage layouts, 300+ stunning template variations, 50+ shortcode with 400+ reusable UI components and bingo, the free premium plugins.

The bootstrap based template has all the necessary building blocks and pre-built components in place that allow businesses to craft a full-fledged website that thrive the users with elegant designs and fantastic layout without having low-level programming knowledge. It’s all viable with the minimum time and dollar investment. It’s a huge saving.

The lightweight template, which enables engineering the customer-oriented websites that perform to the notch. In the template, at the bottom of the HTML file, only a few scripts get loaded when they are needed due to which the plugins get loaded on the page dynamically, thereby alleviating the need to add the plugins manually. For instance, when you want to use the owl carousel on the home page, then the owl-carousel.min.js file will get loaded dynamically without needing to call it explicitly. On a concluding note, when no plugin is needed, no plugin will get loaded.

The Webster HTML5 template has a well-structured code, eye-catchy layouts and responsive mega menu, which makes it perfect for building various genres of the custom websites such as Corporate, Business, Portfolio, Creative, Blog, Magazine, Agency, App Landing, E-commerce, Specialty Pages, Personal Portfolio/CV, Portfolio dark, Portfolio light, Portfolio parallax, Band, Cafe, Law, Construction, Consulting, Gym, Interior Design, Conference, Movie Release, Christmas Landing Page, Fish, Plumber, Book Landing Page, Pizza, Hotel, Product Landing Page, Christmas Coming soon page and One Page site. Besides, the HTML5 responsive template’s building tools and features offer a great length of flexibility, which can be tailored to make the website meet the business-specific needs.



Version 2.5 – 13 January 18

  Added: New Homepage Hotel
  Added: New Homepage Fish
  Added: New Homepage Book landing 
  Added: New Homepage Pizza
  Added: New Homepage Product
  Added: New Homepage Plumber

  Added: Tab nav border top, left and right option
  Added: Team hover-2, Team Dark, Team Round shadow, Team Round small and Team Round small shadow

  Fixed: Light header sticky blinking issue
  Fixed: Tab nav border bottom spacing issue  

Version 2.0 – 06 January 18

  Added: New Homepage Shop Modern
  Added: New Homepage Shop Creative
  Added: New Homepage Shop Minimal
  Added: New Homepage Shop Classic
  Added: New Homepage Shop Simple

  Added: New Homepage Blog
  Added: New Homepage Blog 02
  Added: New Homepage Blog Boxed
  Added: New Homepage Blog Fashion
  Added: New Homepage Blog Video

  Added: New Homepage Magazine
  Added: New Homepage Magazine 02
  Added: New Homepage Magazine 03

  Added: no-radius class for accordion
  Added: New title style (used on magazine page)

  Update: Minor code/formatting improvements and fixes

Version 1.5 – 30 December 17

  Added: 15 New Login Page Layouts
  Added: 15 New Signup Page Layouts
  Added: 2 New Login & Signup combo Layouts
  Added: About us 4 Page Layout
  Added: About us 5 Page Layout
  Added: About us 6 Page Layout
  Added: About CEO Page Layout
  Added: About me 2 Page Layout
  Added: About team Page Layout
  Added: About-our-mission Page Layout
  Added: Shop single 02 Page Layout
  Added: Shop checkout Page Layout
  Added: shop wishlist Page Layout
  Added: shop shopping cart Page Layout
  Added: FAQ 2 Page Layout
  Added: FAQ 3 Page Layout 
  Added: White overlay title Page Layout
  Added: Team overly page Layout
  Added: Accordion collapse on double click

  Fixed: Issue with Page Title blink on scroll
  Fixed: Issue with frame layout on One Page Agency 02 Layout

  Update: nice-select.css for more than 6 item
  Update: mega_menu.css drop-down font size
  Update: Improved documentation
  Update: Minor code/formatting improvements and fixes

Version 1.1 – 20 December 17

  Added: Error-404-03
  Added: Error-404-04
  Added: Error-404-05
  Added: Error-404-06
  Added: Error-404-07
  Added: Error-404-08
  Added: Error-404-09

Version 1.0.9 – 16 December 17

  Added: Coming soon 05
  Added: Coming soon 06
  Added: Coming soon 07
  Added: Coming soon 08
  Added: Coming soon 09
  Added: Coming soon 10
  Added: Coming soon 11
  Added: Coming soon 12

Version 1.0.8 – 14 December 17

  Added: New homepage - Agency 2
  Added: New homepage - Portfolio parallax

Version 1.0.7 – 12 December 17

Added: New homepage - Law

Version 1.0.6 – 08 December 17

Added: New homepage - Movie
Added: New homepage - Agency

Version 1.0.5 – 06 December 17

Added: New homepage - Architecture

Version 1.0.4 – 05 December 17

Added: New homepage - Conference
Added: New homepage - Christmas Landing Page
Added: Christmas Coming soon page
Added: Implement google fonts in HTML

Remove: Remove font import from typography.css

Update: Folder structure for demo categories
Update: Improved documentation for Folder structure and font
Update: Minor code/formatting improvements and fixes

Version 1.0.3 – 28 November 17

Added: New Homepage - Marketing Agency
Added: New Homepage - Personal Dark

Update: Minor code/formatting improvements and fixes

Version 1.0.2 – 27 November 17

Added: Light Portfolio home page
Added: Light Portfolio Single page
Added: Light Portfolio About page
Added: Dark Portfolio home page
Added: Dark Portfolio Single page
Added: Dark Portfolio About page
Added: Smooth Scroll
Added: #footer-fixed id for fix footer (More info in documentation)

Fixed: Multiple Responsive and Browser related issue

Update: Improved documentation for google map and fix footer
Update: Minor code/formatting improvements and fixes

Version 1.0.1 – 21 November 17

Update: Minor code/formatting improvements and fixes

Version 1.0.0 – 19 November 17

Initial Release

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