MyHome 2.0 now! The new level in our history. Celebrate with us a big step in our solution. Over 100 new features like rewritten search engine and advanced property parameters – fully customizable dynamics filters, custom parameters with any values, own metrics and much more.

Please feel free to mail us so we can create special private demo for you:

You can download free translations here (73-83% text): español, français, हिन्दी (hindī), polski, italiano, Deutsch

Translation Ready

You can easily translate MyHome to your language because we include .pot files and simple instruction how to do it. It is also easy to change Google Font to use Cyrillic, Hebrew or Vietnamese.


  • Clean and modern design – can be used on any type of real estate website
  • 4 Demos
    • Default
    • New York
    • US
    • Classic
  • 9 Homepages
    • Property slider v1
    • Property slider v2
    • Property slider v3
    • Map – one city
    • Map – multiple cities
    • Image Hero
    • Video
    • Search form left
    • Search form top
  • One click demo import – save your time – import whole demo content into your website with single click.
  • Well organized, commented and clean code
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: IE10, IE11, Chrome, Safari, Firefox
  • CSS3 animations
  • All photos included
  • Translate ready
  • RTL ready – right to left text align
  • Any primary color option

Most innovative property search form

  • Load properties with no page refresh
  • Highlighted active fields
  • Highlighted filled fields
  • 3 view type:
    • 3 columns
    • 2 columns
    • row
  • 4 sorting options:
    • Newest
    • Popular
    • price (high to low)
    • price (low to high)
  • Clear button
  • Advanced button
  • Compare properties

Customize or create new property fields

  • Fields type:
    • Input field
    • Input fields based on range (from – to)
    • Drop-down list
    • Drop-down list based on range (from – to)
    • Checkbox
    • Radio ( left / right sidebar only)
  • Customize placeholder
  • Unit of measure
  • Define own static values
  • Text field – drop-down list most popular values
  • “Use as a tag” option to select multiple values


  • Your visitors will love it. Very fast, easy to use on desktop and mobile
  • Load properties with no page refresh
  • Google Street View
  • Near Properties (on single property listing)
  • “Fullscreen” button
  • “Next” and “previous” buttons
  • “Zoom in” and “zoom out” buttons
  • “Reset” button

Payments integration

  • PayPal integration
  • Stripe integration
  • Set price for publishing property listing

Create own listings

  • Search form position:
    • Top
    • Left
    • right
    • Hidden
  • Default view
    • Row
    • 2 Column
    • 3 Columns
  • Estate limit – number of estate to load
  • Own labels on buttons – default: Load More
  • Hide any Fields – You will see a list of all your fields and you can hide some
  • Set own default values in search form

Front End Panel

  • Submit property page
  • Turn on / off registration
  • Submit Property
    • All fields
    • Featured photo
    • Gallery – upload more photos, fully integrated with WordPress Gallery
    • Add Location
      • Autocomplete map address
      • Click on map to grab adress
  • Add Plans
  • Add Video
  • Pay for property – Stripe or PayPal
  • Edit profile information
    • Public name
    • Photo
    • Social links
  • Reset Password

Agent Profile Page

  • Private listings
  • Contact informations
  • Profile image
  • Social profiles

Flexible slugs

  • Change slug for /estate/
  • Change slug for taxonomies eg /cities/ /apartments/

Listing Contact Form

  • Based on WordPress mail

Responsive and mobile friendly

  • Lazy Loading
  • Adaptive images

Header options

Top bars
  • small – white background
  • small – primary background
  • big – white background
  • user panel integration
  • Background white or primary color
  • Set own height


  • 4 column widget area
  • Footer Widget (Logo, text, contact info)

Premium plugins

MyHome bundle premium plugins – you can read more about it here: Bundled Plugins.

Revolution slider ($25)

  • WordPress Revolution Slider:
    • Hero Image
    • Video
  • HTML Version of Revolution Slider
    • Card
    • Card Short
    • Transparent
  • Gallery / Slider on single property page
  • Easy to use page builder

    • Based on Visual Composer ($34) – WordPress Page Builder Plugin with Frontend and Backend Editor
    • Extended with Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer ($20)
    • 16 unique MyHome elements
      • Property Listings
      • Property Listings Map
      • One Property Map
      • Service Box
      • Heading
      • Icon
      • Simple Box
      • Button
      • Attribute Carousel
      • Post Carousel
      • Property Carousel
      • Properties Slider Full Width
      • Revolution Slider Full Width
      • Agent Carousel
      • Testimonial Carousel
      • Client Carousel

    Blog Options

    • Choose sidebar position
    • Show author on / off
    • Display an author
    • Display tags
    • Display navigation
    • Display comments
    • Display related posts
      • Total number of related posts to display
      • Display in 1 column or 2 colums


    • Testimonial carousel
    • 4 styles
    • Dark / white
    • Show dots on/off


    • Clients carousel
    • Sizes
    • Grayscale effect on hover

    Need help ?

    We will do our best to help you. Please send us an email explaining the issue –

    We will solve it faster if you provide necessary logins and passwords in the email. Usually we need:

    • FTP server
    • database
    • admin user (wp-admin)
    • Here you can find our Support Center Help Center


    If you update from 1.X to 2.X version please remember to backup the files. For more information about update please read this article: How to update MyHome?

    Here you can find article about MyHome v. 2.0 Update – 50 most important new features

    v.2.0.6 – 21th October

    Improved: single property backend - multi-select fields based on selectize.js
    Improved: single property submit property text field option - text input comma separated multiple values (create new) or predefined values
    CSS: minor CSS / PHP / JS bugs

    v.2.0.5 – 20th October

    Improved: WPML integration

    v.2.0.4 – 19th October

    Added: Property Fields - Multi drop-down option works also with "Single property page: display in a separate section" option
    Fixed: Field labels on submit property field translation
    Fixed: Minor PHP / JS / CSS bugs

    v. – 18th October

    Improved: deleting fields feature

    v.2.0.3 – 17th October

    Demo content improved
    Fix: minor php / js bugs

    v.2.0.2 – 16th October

    Important: link yourdomain/estate/ after update stops displaying newest properties. Thanks to that it is possible to create any new page with a Visual Composer with url /estate/ and you have more flexibility to customize it.
    Importan 2: Search Form with Submit Button - we improved a lot this Visual Composer element. If you use it please edit it via Visual Composer choose page where clicking "Search" button redirect visitors<br /><br />
    Improved: register image sizes xxs and xxxs to allow display very small images
    Added: new field type: ID
    Fix: single property backend multiselect fields - alphabetic order
    Fix: unit of measure bug (field not displayed)

    v.2.0.1 – 12th October 2017

    Fix: Minor PHP / JS issues

    v.2.0 – 11th October 2017

    Unlimited multicurrency option
    Unlimited rent labels e.g. /month, /week, /day
    Search form: multi-select field type
    Search form: autocomplete field type
    Search form: parent fields e.g. when changing City other fields changed e.g. Zip Code and Street
    Submit property: multi-select fields
    Submit property: own order of fields via /wp-admin/
    Submit property: add instruction to any field via /wp-admin/
    Submit property: set default location
    Submit property: hide any field
    Submit property: make any field required
    Submit property: choose field width 50% or 100%
    Agent Profile: create any new field to agent e.g. Organization, fax
    Agent Profile: create link field e.g. "private web" 
    Agent Profile: display bio on agent profile
    Agent Profile: change password section
    Name Changes: Theme Options >> MyHome Theme
    Name Changes: Property Fields >> MyHome Options
    MyHome Options: Footer - chose number of columns
    MyHome Options: Header: transparent sticky with light / dark background
    MyHome Options: Single Property - big header with featured image background
    MyHome Options: Contact Form 7 build into single property page
    MyHome Panel - Property Fields - drag and drop instead of arrows “up” and “down”
    MyHome Panel - Custom Search Forms - create own unique order of fields for different pages
    MyHome Panel -  Property Fields panel changed name into MyHome Options
    MyHome Panel - Default text when price is not set
    MyHome Panel - Single property page - set own section order via /wp-admin/
    Single property page backend multi-select fields
    v.1.0.15 – 20th September 2017
    Added: Marketplace Demo - Slider instead of static image
    Added: Single Property Address - change autocomplete address for any different text
    v.1.0.14 – 13th September 2017
    Added: Google Maps styles: Roadmap / Satellite / Terrain / Hybrid
    Fix: Load More Bug
    v.1.0.13 – 11th September 2017
    Added: Demo - Investments
    Updated: All Plugins
    v.1.0.12 – 7th September 2017
    Added: Demo - Agent
    Added: Demo - Marketplace
    Fix: Sticky Menu Mobile
    v.1.0.11 – 6th September 2017
    Added: Viual Composer - Agent List
    Added: Viual Composer - Property Search Form (with search button)
    Fix: Minor PHP / JS / CSS issues
    v.1.0.10 – 31th August 2017
    Added: Sticky Menu
    Added: Viual Composer - Attribute Mosaic
    Update: All plugins
    Fix: Minor PHP / JS / CSS issues
    v.1.0.9 – 15th August 2017
    Added: Auto Height Image Carousel
    Added: Search form default "Sort by" option
    Added: Search form "featured" properties only option
    Update: All plugins
    Update: Minor CSS / JS improvements
    Fix: WordPress Multisite Redux Fix
    v.1.0.8 – 10th August 2017
    Added: Extended documentation
    Update: All plugins
    Fix: Child Theme - Clear Cache Error
    Fix: Virtual Tour switcher - turn off "Video" not "Virtual Tour" 
    Fix: Minor css / js / php issues 
    v.1.0.7 – 1st June 2017
    Update: Demo importer - bedrooms / bathroom / property size visible on cards
    Fix: "Keyword" Searching
    Fix: translation: ago, next, prev
    Fix: Infobox Widget - button link
    Fix: About us - mobile
    Fix: Minor css / js / php issues 
    v. – 3rd June 2017
    Fix: User front-end panel - demo text remove
    v.1.0.7 – 1st June 2017
    Update: Demo importer - bedrooms / bathroom / property size visible on cards
    Fix: "Keyword" Searching Fix: translation: ago, next, prev
    Fix: Infobox Widget - button link
    Fix: About us - mobile
    Fix: Minor css / js / php issues 
    v.1.0.6 – 14th May 2017
    Added: Easy Social Share Buttons Plugin
    Added: Contact Form 7 Plugin
    Added: Contact page
    Added: About Us page
    Update Advanced Custom Fields Pro 
    Fix: minor js / css / translation bugs
    v.1.0.5 – 2nd May 2017
    Added: WPML integration
    Added: Property Virtual Tour
    Added: Set Header Logo Height
    Added: Single Property Page - All "near estate" pins visible after loading a page option
    Added: Property fields - display on property cards option
    Added: Property fields - hide on single property page option
    Added: Property fields - do not use as a links on single property page option
    Added: New Front End Panel Image uploader - drag and drop option
    Added: Widget area to single property page
    Added: Widget area to listing with search form on sidebar
    Added: Possibility to add empty dropdowns
    Added: Currency - thousands separator and decimal separator option
    Added: Agent option panel - choose fields you want to show
    Added: Documentation +18 pages
    Update: ACF PRO Plugin
    Fix: Minor PHP / JS / CSS issues
    v.1.0.4 – 20th April 2017
    Added: Single property - switch on/off sidebar
    Added: Single property - switch on/off contact form
    Added: Single property - switch on/off agent info
    Update: MyHome Importer 2.0 - fixed loading demo content in case mod_security on
    Fix: Single agents filters
    Fix: Minor PHP / JS / CSS issues
    v.1.0.3 – 13th April 2017
    Added: Map colors - gray, default by Google and custom
    Added: Documentation +8 page
    Added: Display on / off - "Advanced" button,
    Added: Display on / off - "Clear" button,
    Added: Display on / off - "Sort by" filters,
    Added: Display on / off - "grid" option,
    Fix: plans - error if no image added
    Fix: slugs - only lower case
    Fix: single property - map image size
    Fix: submit property front end - new category (e.g. city) was not showing up
    Fix: minor CSS issues
    v.1.0.2 – 10th April 2017
    Added: "Number of filters to show before the Advanced button" option
    Fix: single agent page
    Fix: changing filters order
    v.1.0.1 – 9th April 2017
    Updated: Visual Composer Plugin
    Added: RTL support
    Added: property Video - support mp4 format
    Added: documentation +104 pages
    Fixed: minor CSS issues
    Fixed: price single property
    Fixed: Cyrillic alphabet issues
    Improved: demo importing

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